Aanex by Grange

Apple-style theme for your S60 phone


  • Adds gorgeous, iPhone menu icons


    Not bad

    Want to bring a flavor of the iPhone to your Series 60 phone? Then install Aanex, a free theme that adds iPhone icons to your phone's interface.

    The icons in Aanex are glorious recreations of those you'll find on the iPhone, including the ones for Internet, Calendar, Maps, Mail, and Contacts. In fact, if it wasn't for the brushed aluminum iTunes-style background, you could be fooled into thinking you were looking at an iPhone!

    Aside from the icons, Aanex is a pretty ordinary theme. No attempt has been made to replicate the look of things like the iPhone calendar or the phone pad within this theme. There isn't even a fancy home screen wallpaper to look at - just more brushed aluminum.

    If you're a fan of the iPhone icons though, Aanex is one S60 theme you can't afford to be without.



    Aanex by Grange

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